Well hello! Welcome to my new website and my new blog! I am super excited about the change in a look of my website and excited for my intentions for this year!

The moment new year approaches so many people are setting new goals, come up with new resolutions, plot new strategies and tactics for their lives in a new year. I think I am one of them, one of those people who want to improve things in a new year and make things better, and do things in a more perfect way. I wish I could say that I succeed at every goal I set, but even if I don’t, that’s ok, because I succeed at some :). And the weird part is that there are always some stray goals that were not even close to being on my list for the past year, but they surely got accomplished :). One of those stray goal was to update my website. I had no idea that I will end up with a fresh-looking site right on the new years eve :). I am pretty happy about it too! It’s so nice to start a new year with a fresh sheet of paper. In my case it will be a new website and a new fresh blog.

As for the goals for 2015, I won’t over over-share all of them because there is just not enough space on this page. I can just say, there are plenty for me to work on (56 projects that are recorded in my evernote…. and I am sure that there are some more that are lurking somewhere on the pieces of paper and in some lost iPhone notes). So I guess an obvious goal for me is to pull all of my projects into one place. The other goals that I would like to share that relate to my photography business are:

– speed up the processing time of the photos so that my clients can enjoy their photos sooner

– learn new photography techniques so I could create more fun images for my clients. This goal is somewhat selfish because I love creating interesting photos so it’s not only for my clients but for my pleasure as well :).

– research and introduce wonderful photographic products so that my clients can enjoy their photos around them and could have something wonderful, tangible and high quality for themselves and for their loved ones.

I am sure there will be plenty more that I will be working on throughout this year but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. If you think of anything that would improve your experience with me, please let me know and I will add it to my goals’ list :).

Well, I wish you all the best this new upcoming year! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from our little family! (please don’t judge some of our goofy pictures – it gets pretty fun when we get together for pictures 🙂

Merry Chritsmas from NJ+Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Yana Shellman Photography


What are your goals for this new year? What is important for you about the beginning of the year?


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