Almost every bride doesn’t really want to have a rainy day wedding. Lindsay was just that a normal bride who was a little upset about the rainy weather for her The Gables Chadds Ford wedding. However, after the wedding day was over both her and her now husband Rob were pretty happy about how the day went. And after they saw their wedding gallery, they couldn’t be happier with their wedding day and the memories that they created. The Gables Chadds Ford was so welcoming and took a great care of them during their wedding day, and for me as a photographer it was kind of a perfect venue! White walls made everything look so natural and good without any color casts :). I love almost all venue and colors don’t bother me at all, but white walls are definitely my favorite :).

Getting Ready at The Gables Chadds Ford

So going back to Lindsay and Rob’s big day, both of them started getting ready at the hotel, and once they were scheduled to go to The Gables Chadds Ford they went there to finish their preparations.


On a note of the engagement ring, Lindsay’s ring was so similar to mine. It definitely made me happy. I have seen a few trends in engagement rings and after a few years the trend moves to something different. I appreciate new and fun trends but personally for me, I want my engagement ring to stay up-to-date as long as possible. So seeing that the same ring is used 6 years after my engagement, reassures me that my ring will stay current for a while. Rob’s wedding band was simple manly white gold. Nice and simple.
the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-philly-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-philly-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-philly-wedding-photographers Lindsay’s gorgeous flowers were provided by Doylestown Flowers and Gifts. The style, the colors and a custom note for ‘the beautiful bride’ were stunning. Purple, green and white florals were perfectly arranged into one impressive beauty. Check them out!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-south-jersey-wedding-photographer In a mean time Rob wasn’t losing time either. He was quickly getting ready for the wedding too. His groomsmen were a wonderful help too to make sure he looked sharp!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-south-jersey-wedding-photographers

Lindsay’s dress was so-so pretty. Lacy floral designs were all over it. A stylish opening on the back and a not very long train made her look even more gorgeous then she already is. Custom ‘I do’ stickers on her shoes, and a glittery diamond covered purse perfectly completed her bride look.
the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-nj-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-nj-wedding-photographers

And here they are – ready! Slightly nervous, slightly emotional but so super excited to marry each other!

the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-south-jersey-wedding-photographer A few last touches and she was ready. Rob was at the venue already and the guests were gathering up for the ceremony. We grabbed a few last bridal portraits, and she was ready to walk down the isle!!!!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-nj-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-philadelphia-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-philadelphia-wedding-photographers

Wedding Ceremony at The Gables Chadds Ford

It was a rainy wedding day but people get married when it rains too. The Gables Chadds Ford did an outstanding job at setting up the tent, chairs and all the wonderful rustic decorations for their wedding. And so, all the guests were excited to marry these two wonderful people. Rob and Lindsay were even more excited! Both of them got emotional and cried. It reminded me so much about my wedding day because both me and my husband were super emotional. Such great moments!!!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-philadelphia-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-philadelphia-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-cherry-hill-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-cherry-hill-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-cherry-hill-wedding-photographer

Beautiful words were said. Important vows were pronounced, some laughter and some tears happened in the process. The ceremony was beautiful! And not they were pronounced a husband and wife and they are married now!!!

Wedding Portraits at The Gables Chadds Ford

Lindsay and Rob chose not to see each other before the ceremony so right after it, we gathered the family for some family formals. Then were had a few minutes for the bride and groom portraits. Thank God it didn’t rain too hard so we felt pretty comfortable being away from the covers. You will be able to see that I used mostly natural light for their portraits but I did add some off-camera flash in just a few and you will be able to see the rain drop in those photos. Pretty fun!

So The Gables Chadds Ford‘s property is not huge but has so many beautiful corners that can be used for wedding photos. The plants, the rocks, the trees – everything makes photos more interesting.
the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-cherry-hill-wedding-photographers And again, Lindsay’s flowers were so-so pretty! I loved them!!! And as you can see, Rob loved Lindsay ;).the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-princeton-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-princeton-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-princeton-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-princeton-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-lbi-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-lbi-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-lbi-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-lbi-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-moorestown-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-moorestown-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-moorestown-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-moorestown-wedding-photographers the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-jersey-city-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-jersey-city-wedding-photographers And here are these few photos with off-camera flash. I am kind of in love with Lindsay and Rob and with those rain drops!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-jersey-city-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-jersey-city-wedding-photographers And then it was time to join their guests for the wedding reception and PARTY!!!!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-philly

Wedding Reception at The Gables Chadds Ford

And now the party began. Not only Rob and Lindsay were super fun, but their bridal party and all the guests were excited to share their joy and fun!. There was lots and lots of dancing, singing, jumping and all the greatest things you can think of during the wedding.the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-philly

The Gables Chadds Ford property is not only beautiful outside but inside as well. If you are fond of rustic and classy decor, this wedding venue is definitely for you! Street lights, Chinese lanterns, gorgeous copper chandeliers decorated with the most elaborate greenery – simply amazing!

the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-philadelphia the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-philadelphia And once we had a few more minutes, I sneaked out with bride and groom outside for a few more portraits. It was dark and it was misty and these are the kind of photos we got!!! I am in love with their wedding photos!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-nj the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-south-jersey the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-south-jersey

Did I mention that Rob and Lindsay have amazing taste. Based on what kind of venue they picked I knew already I am for a treat. Then seeing all the pretty little decorations made my day even better. Customer pencils that had their names and wedding day inscribed were used by guests to sign their messages to Rob and Lindsay. Cutest mail box was set up to collect their gifts. The cake topper with Lindsay in her wedding dress, Rob wearing ‘Flyers’ shirt and their cutest dog Hersey in front of them! It’s it the best?!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-the-best-nj-wedding-photographer the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-lbi the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-lbi And the party went like you see it below – fun, with lots of dancing, amazing music and most importantly wonderful people celebrating Lindsay and Rob! From young to old – everyone danced!the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-jersey-city the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-jersey-city the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-cherry-hill the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographers-in-cherry-hill the-gables-chadds-ford-wedding-photos-lindsayrob-wedding-by-wedding-photographer-in-moorestown

And it was the end of the night! And they were married and celebrated :). If the bride’s feet look at like by the end of the night, you know she and everyone else had fun! Congrats, you guys, one more time!!!

Photography | Yana Shellman Photography

Venue | The Gables Chadds Ford

Florist | Doylestown Flowers and Gifts


All images are copyrighted to Yana Shellman – fun, sweet, energetic photographer serving as a South Jersey and Philadelphia Wedding Photographer. She adores photography that shows natural and loving relationship of people. Clear instruction, genuine laughter, and long-lasting sweet memories is what you will get with Yana as your wedding photographer.


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